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Packing Pro Tips - How to Pack Specific Items

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2019 06:08PM EST
Below are suggestions on how to pack some of our most commonly stored items.

In constructing and sealing your boxes, please apply tape liberally. You will need at least three strips of tape for both the top and the bottom of the box. Do not use masking tape or string.  A roll of heavy duty packing tape is included for free at your Packing Supply Handout and we expect it to be used heavily!  

Do not put all of your heavy items, such as your books, into the same box.  If you're struggling to lift your packed box, we'll struggle as well.  The heavier the item is the more likely the surrounding packing material is to breakdown and open.  This can cause the contents to be lost, damaged, or broken.  Please spread your heavy items out evenly amongst your boxes.  Write your information directly on the cardboard of these items (our Mega Boxes, which are provided free of charge at supply handout, have a label printed directly on them).

Remove the light bulbs and cover the lamp shade with a plastic bag.  Wrap the light bulbs individually to protect them and add them to a box/bin.  Apply a luggage tag to this type of item.

Every mattress and a box spring must be wrapped in a plastic protective mattress bag before pickup.  This ensures that it will be returned in the same condition it was picked up.  Please write your name in marker on multiple sticker labels and secure these to the top side corners of the mattress or box spring.  Mattress bags are provided at your supply handout or during your pickup for an additional $10 fee per mattress/box spring.  Apply a sticker label to this type of item.

Disassemble, fold, and tape the pieces together. If there are any screws, make sure to tape these very well to the side of the bed frame.  Apply a luggage tag to this type of item.

Remove the glass insert in your microwave and pack it with one of your other boxes. We recommend you carefully wrap it in a moving blanket or towel. Apply a sticker label to this type of item so it is visible when the item is packed.

When storing your plastic drawers, we recommend you tape the drawers shut.  Anything inside the drawers should be firmly packed to prevent shifting during pickup/delivery.  Apply a sticker label to this type of item.

Unplug your fridge at least TWO DAYS before move out. Make sure your fridge is completely defrosted and dry at the time of pickup. Secure loose items inside of the fridge. Tape the door shut. Bundle and tape the power cord to the back of the fridge, behind the cooling coils so it is not “dangling” on the ground. DO NOT PACK ITEMS INSIDE YOUR REFRIGERATOR.  Apply a sticker label to this type of item. 

Storage Squad reserves the right to refuse pickup of refrigerators that have not been unplugged for a minimum of two days prior to pickup.  These refrigerators can potentially cause mold and mildew damage to boxed items belonging to other customers near yours in our warehouse. Unthawed fridges are subject to a $25 fee.  

Make sure your carpets and rugs are rolled tightly with the backing facing out, secured with tape around three points at the top, bottom, and center, and covered in plastic if you want to keep them free from dust.  Apply a sticker label to the taped portion of the carpet or rug.  Sticker labels will fall off if applied directly to the carpet or rug's backing.

Separate the shelves from the frame, and tape them together tightly. Store any loose hardware in one of your boxes or in a ziplock bag taped to the unit.  Apply a luggage tag to this type of item.

We accept TV's up to 50".  When packing your TV it is best to use the original packaging so that it will be covered under insurance.  Keep in mind, we are unable to insure any electronics not packed in their original factory provided packaging.  TV's can be stored outside a box, but we would be unable to insure it.  If you no longer have the original packaging we recommend it be carefully packed into a box, or wrapped in cardboard, and protected using moving blankets and bubble wrap.  Apply a sticker label to the outside of these types of items so it's visible after the item is packed.

Make sure that these items are locked or securely taped to prevent them from opening during handling. Make sure to grab luggage tags from our crew during your Supply Handout appointment.  Apply a luggage tag to these types of items

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