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How to Pack Non-box Items

Last Updated: Dec 26, 2018 05:02PM EST
Below are suggestions on how to pack some of our most commonly stored items.

Plastic Drawers

When storing your plastic drawers we recommend you tape the drawers shut. Anything inside the drawers should be firmly packed to prevent shifting during pickup/delivery.

We accept TV's up to 50". When packing your TV it is best to use the original packaging so that it will be covered under insurance. Keep in mind, we are unable to insure any electronics not packed in their original packaging. TV's can be stored outside a box, but we would be unable to insure it. If you no longer have the original packaging we recommend it be carefully packed into a box and protected using moving blankets and bubble wrap.

Unplug your refrigerator for a minimum of 2 days with the doors open. This allows the refrigerator to defrost and dry which prevents mold from forming during storage. A fee will be charged if your refrigerator is not properly defrosted. Wrap up the cord and tape it behind the coils found on the rear side. Tape any drawers/shelves inside to prevent shifting during pick up/drop off.

Remove the glass insert in your microwave and pack it with one of your other boxes. We recommend you carefully wrap it in a moving blanket or towel.


Roll up your rug and tape it in multiple places. We recommend the middle and both ends. It is also recommended that you wrap it in plastic.

Remove the light bulbs and cover the lamp shade with a plastic bag.

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